Grower Information

Robson Farms
1800 North Road
Cisco, IL 61830
Kurt Robson

Reference: 20230124-01
Created: Jan 24, 2023
Expires: Feb 23, 2023
Project Term: Through Dec 31, 2023



Your Aker Team

Kelby Williams
Customer Success Manager

Tom Uthell
Agronomy Lead
‭(217) 821-4621

Funmi Joy Oke
Senior Accountant

Who We Are

Since 2016, Aker has been inspiring and influencing agriculture through practical technologies that creates value in collaboration with growers. Our work delivers reliable and timely answers to plan and manage any crop field. This is accomplished by listening to growers and embracing their top issues, all while utilizing satellite, drone, and machine learning technologies to provide the valuable field insights.

Services Requested

Complete digital agronomy to manage your in-season operations, including when to conduct field scouting, measuring crop progress, and implementing decisions faster and more accurately to quickly allocate field resources and apply the right treatments.
SOIL MAPS – Instantly create soil zones with up to 12 directed soil sampling points per zone to support your seeding and fertility prescriptions.
STANDCOUNT – Fast and simple drone-based emergence analysis to assess yield potential and generate re-planting prescriptions.
CROP HEALTH INDEX – Allocate your resources and prioritize scouting for fields in need of attention based on crop performance for better timing of all your in-season treatments.
TRUECAUSE™ ABOVE – Software for your compatible drone to assess in-season weed, disease, insect and other crop stressors in less time to optimize treatment.
Service includes training, assistance with provisioning the fields, TrueCause™ Mobile software access for up to 5 users connected with the client’s operations, post season report, two on-site visits from Aker Agronomy professional during the season and business hours support as needed.
Client will:

  • Provide all farm and field data necessary to provision the system
  • Execute tasks as outlined in the Areas covered section in this proposal
  • Procure compatible drone hardware and conduct field collection


Setup and training
Soil maps
Emergence assessment
Plant health index
Insect, disease, weed scouting

Due Mar 24
Before planting
Between VC – V2
Apr – Oct
Apr – Oct


DIY TrueCause™ Above, AHI, Soil Maps