Getting Smarter: 2018 Commodity Classic

From left to right: Todd Golly (Aker Technologies Inc.), Randy Meyers (Bayer), Cyndi Young (Brownfield Ag News)

“The general trend is that everything is getting smarter.” states co-founder and COO Todd Golly when describing that technological advances within the industry, “Whether it’s accounting systems, tillage tools, crop protection products, or application equipment, everything is getting smarter and trying to use data and algorithms to make farms more efficient and profitable.”

Todd points out that not only do these technologies need to possess accurate algorithms, but they must also bring a valuable business purpose to users. During his interview (pictured) he discussed how Aker played a large part in proving the usefulness of Delaro, a Bayer fungicide, for in-season risk-management. During his 2017 trial, Todd used Aker’s imagery service to fly before and after the application of the fungicide. Todd noticed the product had both a rapid and lasting positive responses to the health of the crop throughout the season. Through Aker’s imagery correlation to yield Todd was able to justify the cost of using this product in seasons to come.

Listen to Brownfield Ag News interview.

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