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Grower challenge awards winning solution $25,000 to advance agtech

In partnership with Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance, the 2022 Producer-Led Innovation Challenge tasked innovators with optimizing existing on-farm data to create a farmer-focused platform that will increase data accuracy and reliability to impact speed and cost of capital from lenders. The winning prize: $25,000 to help […]

Collaboration Broadens Intelinair, Aker Crop Health Analytics Offerings

Intelinair and Aker Technologies have announced a multi-year distribution agreement to deliver enhanced crop health imagery and analytics to farmers and retailers all season long. The strategic cross-licensing agreements allow the following: Intelinair will offer its high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics to Aker customers for season-long monitoring of every acre. Aker will […]

Finding a Launching Pad for Success in 39 North

Scientists, entrepreneurs, and students are all finding a launching pad for success at the Danforth Center and BRDG Park in the 39 North innovation district. With over 1,000 plant science PhDs, 100 bioscience companies, $1.3B in bioscience venture capital under local management, and a close proximity to the heart of […]

Agriculture Business Council Spotlight on Innovation in Kansas

It was such a pleasure to participate in a panel while discussing challenges and opportunities in the industry alongside Jim Carrington, President of Danforth Plant Science Center, Michael Helmstetter, CEO, TechAccel, Chelsea Good, VP Government & Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association, Doug Dresslaer, Director of Cultural Innovation for Dairy Farmers […]

Danforth Center Features Aker

There are approximately 900 million acres of farmland in the US and less than two percent of the population directly works on farms. To ensure profitability, farmers and agronomists need to regularly scout their fields to ensure their crops are not being damaged by pests and diseases. This process takes […]

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