Case Studies

BASF Revysol® Fungicide

The Challenge: BASF needed to manage a large-scale, on-farm trial, and wanted a trusted partner to execute the project—quickly. The mission: grow the fungicide market with the launch of the Revysol brand fungicides, while offering a better experience with more transparent data.

Project requirements included the …

  • Development of on-farm protocol and field logistics;
  • Nationwide collection of crop health maps and compilation of yield data;
  • The discovery of compelling stories to show effectiveness.

The Outcome: Aker conducted more than 1,200 on-farm trials across the US and used NDVI imagery to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of BASF’s Revysol® to that of competing brands.

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BASF Revysol® Fungicide Go-to-Market Case Study
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Grower Engagement with BASF

The Challenge: When field data from 1,200 on-farm trials conducted by Aker indicated BASF’s new Revysol- powered fungicides, Veltyma and Revytek, had a positive yield response 93% of the time in corn, and 94% in soybeans when compared to untreated areas, the BASF Revysol team knew these results needed to be put into the hands of their sales team and growers.

The Outcome: Aker built a customized microsite,, which consolidated the results in a format consistent with BASF’s marketing strategy and boosted grower engagement — all at a fraction of the time and cost estimated by other providers.

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Grower Engagement with BASF Case Study
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Bayer Delaro® Fungicide

The Challenge:

During development, Bayer recognized their Delaro® fungicide generated plant health responses in as little as 48 hours, and wanted to highlight this benefit as part of their go-to-market. Bayer engaged Aker to develop and deploy on-farm protocols, collect data, and formulate a reporting strategy to demonstrate plant health changes across the Corn Belt.

The Outcome:

  • Aker collected before and after fungicide application information;
  • Conducted flyovers to capture the 48-hour response;
  • Prepared crop health maps from hundreds of fields throughout the Corn Belt.
  • Aker generated one-page trial reports in days — and before harvest, which predicted yield performance qualities.
  • The effort set the product apart in the exploding and competitive fungicide market.
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BASF Revysol® Fungicide Go-to-Market Case Study
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Advanced Remote Sensing
For Insect Pest Control

The Challenge: Brazilian growers always seek more effective ways to combat insect pressure in cotton fields. Aker partnered with a supplier to compare the effectiveness of its TrueCause™ under the canopy sensor with stationary pest traps and human field scouting. Weekly data collection protocols were deployed during a growing season to assess each method.

The Outcome:

  • TrueCause™ discovered distinct plant damage (punctures, oviposition) and identified actual insects on cotton bolls and parts of the cotton plants sooner than traps and manual methods.
  • An added benefit: the TrueCause™ sensor also detected other potential yield-reducing stressors such as diseases and other insects.
  • Autonomous scouting with TrueCause™ increased productivity and provided greater field coverage, compared to the other scouting vehicles.
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Advanced Remote Sensing For Insect Pest Control Case Study
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