DIY Crop Tools

Digital Soil Zones

Instant soil zone maps for cost effective soil sampling, fertility, variable rate seeding and irrigation maps.


Choose up to 12 pins per zone, for the best soil sampling location based on field average for optimal results.


Aker soil zones have a high visual correlation to water, organic matter and yield.

Crop Health Monitoring

Proactive and easy to use crop trends based on in-season crop performance expectation for all fields across your operations.

Receive mobile alerts and visualize fields in need of attention to prioritize scouting or treatment action.

TrueCause™ Above

The ultimate drone scouting tool and software companion tool to measure stand-count, weed and disease pressure across your entire enterprise.

Our softward is compatible with most DJI drones, including smart routing for field scouting near crop height with machine learning for the most accurate field insights.

Discover relevant in-field variability in less time.


AI Stressors (primarily weed and disease)

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Acres analyzed

What does this all mean? Fewer worries helps keep your focus where it needs to be — finding yield-maximizing opportunities.